Life Insurance


Life insurance protects your financial future. It will provide your family or business with the needed resources to pay immediate expenses when you die.

At the time of death, life insurance provides cash benefits to your beneficiaries in order to help maintain their existing lifestyle. The tax-free cash proceeds will help pay for everyday living expenses, reduce or pay off the home mortgage, finance your children’s education, and assist in establishing a long-term financial goal-retirement.

Because everyone’s needs are different, and since there are various types of life insurance to choose from, let a life insurance specialist help you evaluate your ongoing and future financial needs of those who depend on you! Call a Life Insurance Professional today at The Tandem Group® for a complimentary life insurance quote. The telephone number is: 704-540-1401.

Types of Life Insurance

  • Whole Life
  • Universal Life
  • Term Life
  • Second-to-Die
  • Survivorship

Choice of Heart….Peace of Mind