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Our philosophy is simple – to protect families from the financial and emotional burdens associated with long term care. Experiencing the need for long term care can be the biggest risk to your client’s retirement savings and may have a significant impact on their family’s future financial security.

Nationwide costs for long-term care
The 2016 national median monthly cost for a private room in a skilled nursing center is $7,698 a month, or $92,376.00 annually 1

  • 59% of caregivers & 49% of care recipients who had long-term care insurance reported feeling significantly less stressed than non-owners of long-term care insurance1
  • The national median annual cost for a private nursing home in 2015 is $91,250.2
  • In 2013, care recipients will spend an average of $14,000 for out-of-pocket expenses, not including the cost of facility care.3

From in-home care to nursing home costs, the cost of long-term care may vary greatly depending on where you live.
1Genworth’s 2016 Cost of Care Survey results were conducted by CareScout, April, 2016. The results are based on median annual costs, which vary among states.
2Genworth 2015 Cost of Care Survey, conducted by CareScout, April 2015. Based on median annual costs, which vary among states.
3Beyond Dollars: The true Impact of Long-term Caring, Genworth Financial, 10/31/2013.
(Courtesy of Genworth Life Insurance Company)

Organizations & Associations

  • AALTCi (American Association of Long-Term Care Insurance)
  • (Official site of the Alzheimer???s Association)

Government Resources

  • (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services).?? This site provides important data about these programs.
  • (Information on Medicare.)

Care Provider Resources

  • (This site is offered by the non-profit National Alliance for Caregiving. It provides links to professional organizations in the caregiving field.)
  • (Provides vacancy listings and quality ratings for over 46,000 nursing homes and other facilities.)
  • (The Living to 100 Life Expectancy Calculator uses the most current and carefully researched medical and scientific data in order to estimate how old you will live to be.)
  • (Is a link site to a variety of services and products families may need.)