It is a continuous challenge in today’s economy to know how to wisely invest money for retirement. You know you want to reduce exposure to risk, but want to get the highest return possible. What are your investment options?

One of the most attractive retirement vehicles is the annuity. Annuities are desirable because the interest and/or capital gains earned are tax deferred until you begin to receive benefit payments.

An annuity is not life insurance; it is a contract between you and an insurance company, in which you make a lump-sum payment or a series of payments upfront in order to receive guaranteed benefit disbursements immediately or at a later time, specifically during the "golden years."

Two types of annuities offered by The Tandem Group® are "deferred annuities" and "immediate annuities."
Deferred annuities are good for long-term retirement planning. Payment of income taxes are deferred until the money is withdrawn.

Immediate annuities allow a lump sum of money to be converted into immediate monthly income. Disbursements usually begin about a month after the purchase of an annuity. An immediate annuity offers financial security by providing income disbursements for life.

Call an Annuity Specialist at The Tandem Group® to find out which annuity will provide you with a guaranteed income stream! The telephone number is: 704-540-1401.

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