Long-Term Care Insurance


Anyone who has had a long-term care experience knows the financial burden and emotional stress placed on a family when a loved one is admitted to a nursing home unexpectedly, especially if that individual has not financially prepared for this occurrence, nor has a long-term care insurance plan in place. However, the subject is not long-term care insurance, it is long-term care!

Timing is so vital when preparing for this event! Proper planning needs to begin when you are in good health. As an example, when you buy life or health insurance, your current health status influences what options are available to you. The same health factor applies to long-term care insurance.

When considering long-term care, don’t leave your decision to chance nor place the responsibility of your long-term care on your loved ones!

Family members who provide in-home care will encounter serious family or financial consequences. When you live a long life, or a life encumbered with medical issues, your chances of becoming frail and needing care will increase. Nothing will pay for the plan of care you want to receive other than your assets and income allocated for retirement, or…. long-term care insurance.

Without the right knowledge, you could end up paying a very high price for a wrong choice. A wrong option, or no decision at all, could be catastrophic for your family! Proper planning eliminates this problem and gives you and your family something that no one can take away from you. That is….your peace of mind….knowing you made a wise decision to protect your assets.

Statistics on Probable Risks
Home Fire 1 in 1200
Major Auto Accident 1 in 240
Short Term Medical Care 1 in 15
Long Term Care 2 in 3

As an independent insurance agency, The Tandem Group’s goal is to preserve, not spend your investment assets. Most likely, you may not have allocated any monies from your income stream to pay for your care. The Tandem Group® provides customized, cost-effective solutions to individuals’ respective insurance needs.

We specialize in the education of, and the guidance through, the long-term care process. Let a Long-Term Care Insurance Specialist at The Tandem Group® show you how to remove the uncertainty of YOUR future by using proper planning tools to protect YOUR dreams and keep YOUR financial goals intact!

Do you have a plan in place if you need assistance? Get the facts today! Call 704-540-1401 for a complimentary quote that can protect your assets!

So That Life Will Never Catch You Unprepared